• Too poor, my ass

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    Hey, “awesome” roommates!
    It’s really cool how you both made a huge fuss a couple months ago about how you were “too poor” to start up a single utility under your name after our good roommate leaves, but you saw no problem with letting the only one of us with no job or income do it. You’re really lucky that even though you can’t afford luxuries like the deposit on water service (2/3 of which would only be a temporary expense, you stupid, math-challenged bitches), you can still scrape up enough money for video games, eating out for lunch and dinner multiple times a week, buying alcohol all the time, and bags and bags of huge, expensive Christmas gifts. If you’d paid that $40 deposit for our internet service, you might not have been able to afford that gigantic coffee maker that requires its own expensive brand of coffee until after everyone had paid you back their portions! I can’t imagine the financial strain that would have put on you!

    Here’s why I don’t like you: While I dipped into my savings after spending the last of the semester’s student loans on things like food and doctor’s appointments (It’s not cancer, by the way. Not that you cared enough to ask.), I got to watch you blow your paychecks on mountains of over-priced crap, all the while whining about how “poor” you are. I don’t really mind taking on the utilities since it comes out to the same cost in the end, and I actually like having control over them (God knows I don’t trust you to be responsible anymore). What I mind is having to listen to you whine about “financial burdens” and “being poor” when you have enough money left over from your paychecks to blow on crap you don’t even need. To put it in perspective, what you each make and apparently spend in 1 month is what I have to stretch out for 3. You’re not poor, you’re just incredibly lazy and selfish, and I can’t believe I used to consider you good friends.

    Fuck you 🙂

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