• My Last Chance to Tell you

    by  • December 20, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    If the world ends tomorrow…
    It was always you.
    I have always loved you.
    And if you always loved me,
    you’ll come looking for me and read this.
    And even if the world doesn’t end tomorrow
    …. It still is you.
    That doesn’t mean I’d do anything to change it anymore,
    we’ve crushed every bit of my naiveness, as we have with you.
    But just know 5 years, and 2 boyfriends later,
    I’m worried you’re still the one.
    And EVERYONE reading this knows exactly who you are,
    because that’s how long I’ve been talking about us
    and waiting here for you.

    And if you really do ever read this…
    What are we still waiting for?
    What have we got to lose but our hearts again?
    I would surely give mine again for you.
    Isn’t that what love is all about anyway?

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