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    I was just thinking of you Dawn. I was smiling when I was. Then this blank feeling hit me out of nowhere. I reach for your face as I see a tear fall down your cheek. I ask you please don’t cry. You cry even more. I ask you what have I done to see such tears. Please don’t cry your hurting my Soul to see such a thing. I don’t mind seeing any other emotion on your face. Tears though please stop. What have I done sweetheart to see such tears. I do everything to hold back my own tears now. You then say not a word and let the tears roll down your cheek more. I think have I hurt you so much you cry like this. Have I caused you so much pain you don’t want to tell me. What the hell have I done to you. If I knew I caused this pain I would have walked away 8 years ago. I wanted to just leave you right there and then. By now the silence is intense. My Love for you is flared into a ball of immense energy. I feel it from you also but you confuse me with your tears. Then you reach for my cheek and say in the years I have lived on this earth I have never felt such a Love. For once in my life my troubles don’t seem impossible to have the courage to conquer. This Love shows us that we are both Human beings and we can feel beyond the everyday life. Our Love have showed us more in last 8 years than in the last 60 years I have lived. So my tears are of happiness that you have been put in my life. I have no way of showing you at this time how much I Love you. When that time comes that I figure out how I can show you my Love for you may you just understand
    I LOVE YOU D for an eternity

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