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    Think it over. Please don’t cheat. There is absolutely no reason to cheat on someone, ever. It destroys relationships. It destroys people. You think that it isn’t a big deal, but you simply cannot understand the magnitude of what it can do to someone until you’re the victim. I found out only recently that I have been cheated on several times in the past, over the course of a marriage that I was under the impression was overall good. When I found out, I developed a drug addiction and an eating disorder. I couldn’t handle it. Contemplated suicide. I went a straight week without sleep. Started hallucinating to the point where I carried a pistol around in my house because I was convinced there was someone else in there.

    Time goes by. I think the wound is healed. But no. So this time I handle it better. But suddenly I have anxiety attacks. I have difficulty speaking at times, which is completely unlike me. Still having to deal with it. Dealing with the fallout of a failed extramarital relationship on top of what finding out about a physical and emotional affair that spanned nearly a year did to me, nevermind finding out that I have been lied to for nearly a decade. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has had to deal with this. I wonder how many lived through it.

    It hurts. It destroys people. Nobody deserves to be cheated on. Do yourself and them a favor. If it’s just physical, include them or leave them. If it’s more emotional, then leave them. Don’t build a lie. The truth always comes out. Always. Someone will always get hurt. Not all people are as forgiving as I am.

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    1. heather already did
      May 29, 2015 at 8:55 am

      Seems incredible that someone would be on the “other” woman after having been cheated on in their previous marriage. Almost tantamount to the abused becoming the abuser. Because that is what it is ABUSE!! These people have no respect for anyone or any remorse for the devastation that is caused in the lives their actions affect. They are no Bueno… Don’t cheat?! Also don’t lie, don’t lie to yourself… The bitch my husband was involved with cared so little for me that she wanted me to “friend” her on facebook. How ridiculous! That only showed my husband up close, what a hypocritical attention whore she really was, we actually laughed at her incessant posts and pictures! Now that I know the truth about her it is scary how pathetic that was. She was even capable of throwing her own husband into the mix to try and save herself.. People like this can’t be reasoned with or shamed. They KNOW cheating is wrong, they just don’t CARE, because their own feelings are more important than anyone else’s


    2. alvina
      June 1, 2015 at 11:40 am

      Wish I had the strength to live like this. But when nothing is actually your fault, things up up I the gutter sooner or later…



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