• Oblivious

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    To the girl now woman who took the person I loved away from me…

    Yes you know who you are, you thought I was mean to him, that I didn’t care. Well who were you to judge our relationship? I don’t even know you, and at the time I knew him much, much better than you did.

    I hope over the years you’ve realized that all you did was ruin his life, he never loved you and never will. Did you think you were so wonderful, better than me? I wonder what made you think that!

    It’s so sad, if I knew what was going on, I have no doubts I could have easily pushed you away. But I didn’t, his behavior was definitely odd, now I know why. Isn’t it sad what you did? You thought you were making him happy. Now you know he’ll never be happy without me!

    Maybe now that you are a little older you might realize what a fool you are, have a nice life, but remember he loves me and not you. So what do you or I really have, nothing.

    Advice for the future: mind your own damn business.

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