• my heartless ex – I will have no regrets, unlike you

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    To my ex Puppy,

    Tonight, I wanted us to pretend to be a couple again, so my last memory of you this year will be a happy one, or at least I hoped. I am happy I did not.

    I have been moving on and have been happy in the last 2 weeks for the following reasons:

    1. You were honest and upfront to me about your feelings and you didn’t drag it out – you did this out of respect and to avoid hurting me more and I thank you for that. I thank you for your courage and strength.

    2. I have always wanted you to be happy, and if you not being with me makes you happy, then that is how I will accept it and I will be happy for that decision.

    I have been trying hard, and you have made it easy because you have been honest and supportive.

    I would like to ask you something, have you been really completely upfront and honest to me? Have you kept anything from me during our relationship and after, I need you to be honest, please. That is all I ask.

    I have some anger against you, for reasons I will not say yet, as I just hope they are based on assumptions. I want to clear this up.

    1. When you said you loved me on Saturday night, that you can only make love to me, and could never just have sex, you said it over and over again for a very long time. Did you mean any of it?

    2. If you didn’t mean it, why did you say it? Because you were on drugs? drunk? What happened to the promise you made to me that you would not say stuff like that unless you meant it? what happened when you said even though you are drunk, you always have 100% control on what you say?

    3. Do you understand what saying those things did to me and made me feel?

    4. What do you really want from me, us? What are you trying to toy with my emotions. Does this make you happy?


    I did a very wrong thing and looked through your messages, something I shouldn’t have done and I somewhat regret it terribly as it has put me into a terrible place….

    I hope these things are based on assumptions, so rather than go on a hate tangent, I wanted to be an adult today and talk it out with you. Can I explain, can you listen, can you forgive any anger I may have?

    I have been feeling insecure recently about you seeing people we mutually know, hence why I was very nervous about you and Anna, which we spoke about and you reassured me that our promise would hold – no mutual friends.

    We made a mutual agreement that we would not flirt or touch anyone we new mutually. Especially after our talk about me dabbing among the same circle before we were official.

    And you said you would tell me if you are starting to get interested in anyone.

    As friends today, does that still hold true today?

    Is there anything I should know?


    Please tell me the truth… if you do, I do not have to resort to saying the parts below.


    (lies)So my question is to you now

    1. Why Donna? Is she not a mutual friend?

    2. Why tell me you love me when you are already sexually flirting with other girls on Facebook. “You are incredibly sexy?” ?!?!?!

    3. Can you see how this hurts me, not as an ex lover, but as a friend, someone who put my trust in you AGAIN! I am not hurt about your relationship with girls, I know you don’t belong to me any more, but why lie to me about Donna?

    Why lie to me?

    Are you too lazy to pursue a woman enough to get laid, but since you enjoy the flirting process you will use me for an easy lay as I am vulnerable?

    You talk about how you still care about my well-being, you care about how I feel, you still see our relationship was really special, you consider going back, you WANT us to work out to BE FRIENDS because I hold a special place in your heart and you don’t want us to go sour…

    Lies…lies, all @#$ing lies

    Why do you lie to me… lying to my face, after knowing how I feel about you, after knowing how well I have treated you. I forgave the heart-break you caused me by leading me on and dropping me when I fell.

    I actually wanted us to be friends, but now, I want nothing to do with you. Do not contact me, no not call me, do not even make @#$ing eye contact with me ever again.

    I can’t believe I wasted all my time with you. I can’t believe how blinded in “love” that I did not see your deceptive nature. I feel sorry for Donna, or whichever victim you choose to target next. Perhaps this is why Becs left you after 2 years, she just knew how you were and you weren’t worth the time, and now she’s married happily. She’s not a bitch like you said she was, she’s a smart girl.

    Hopefully whoever is next is smarter than me (I’m sure they will be) to get involved with you. I’m stepping out of your life. I can say now, I give 0 @#$s about you, your well being, your life.

    I am finding my own happiness and leaving you behind. Any promises we made are now void since you have no intention of keeping them. I am glad I won’t ever live with any regrets, unlike you.

    – Jaime

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