• Magnet

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    Dear friend,

    Every time I see you, it takes all of my strength not to wrap my arms around your waist, press my cheek against yours, and whisper softly with my lips brushing against your ear those three little words you never say back.

    When a strand of your hair falls into your face, my fingers itch with the desire to tuck it back into place. It takes an incredible amount of self-control for me to refrain from texting you every night telling you how passionately and ardently I adore you.

    You’re not exceptionally pretty at first glance, but your beauty reveals itself in time.
    Your voice haunts me. And the way you move. That short breath you take when you’re suprised.

    But I know you don’t think about me even a quarter of as many times as I do you. I don’t blame you. I annoy myself.

    I just wish I didn’t love you.


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