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    Never change for anyone. Only make changes in your life for you. Don’t let the people around you influence the person that you become. Become your own person. Shy away from the conformity of society, and learn to love yourself for you.

    Because you are beautiful. You are perfect.

    Yes, you make mistakes. And yes, you have your flaws. You are insane.

    But, you learn. And you better yourself. And you are intelligent. You are creative, you are knowing. And you know that you can make a difference. Whether it be an Einstein level difference, a Poe level difference, or a Michelangelo level difference matters not. Be the change for yourself, not everyone else.

    Dance, sing, paint, and write. Wear your intelligence on your sleeve, for the world to see. Loudly make your mistakes, and show the world that you aren’t afraid to fail. Because, we are only right ‘sometimes’. And that’s all we need.

    Don’t press your knowledge and belief on others. Let them have the same freedom to become their own person as you have.

    Mostly, love everyone individually. Nobody is the same. Never categorize two people as the same. They are as unique as you are. Love them equally, and as individuals.

    I know that someone loves you uniquely, as much as you love them. Hold on to these people, and never disappoint them by letting others change you.

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    1. December 20, 2012 at 1:46 pm

      i love love love love love love this.
      thank you for sharing.



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