• Angst

    by  • December 19, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Confusion • 0 Comments

    Please vacate my thoughts. Your a stain in my memory, a brief unappealing chapter in my story. Your toxic and contagious. Infecting women with shame, unclean and bothersome notions left behind by the mayhem you stir up acknowledging our existence. Fate is cruel. How unlucky we are. To have your leering gaze fall on us. Behind it resting all your guiltless thoughts. You aim to harm, it satisfies you, like a parasite you feed off vulnerabilities. You feast on each host and your head swells with satisfaction and your high is achieved. For now. Then you ooze onto your next prey. You conquer. You devour. You demolish. Repeat. I am victim. my mind perplexed by the inhumanity. Why can’t you think like me? Why can’t you feel like me? why don’t you understand what’s wrong? I’ve been plagued by your disease. I am stunned and dazed. I will heal. For me your unpleasing image will fade as I grow stronger. As I thrive. Regrettably I’ll never be strong enough. Not to stop parasites like you, from biting the next woman. Leaving your mark. Itchy and irritating like a mosquito bite left behind. I pity your life as an insect. You can only rely on hosts to quench your thirst as long as there’s an abundance. But the naive women around you are growing fewer.

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