• A letter to guy who wants to take me on a date

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    These are something that I feel like are falling more and more off of the map.


    Not like a date where a whole lot of money is dropped, in fact, no money needs to be spent. But, it needs to be a date. A real-life, established date.

    I am OVER all of the games. Do you like me? When you text me every other day could that mean that you’re interested? If you ask me to “hang-out” does that mean something more is expected? Does that mean that you are interested in me or are you “hanging out” with a lot of other girls?

    I AM SO OVER THE MIXED SIGNALS that this damn generation has decided to pick up.

    It’s really simple.
    Sure, asking someone out and making your intentions clear is scary, but let me tell you mixed signals are even scarier.
    Just step it up, take a chance and ask a girl out on a date.

    Make moves. I am certainly not going to throw myself at you but if I am interested I will flirt. The best things in life aren’t sure things. Take a chance on me, you never know. I mean as far as I am concerned I am not exceptionally intimidating: sure I am a certified extrovert, smart, young and independent. But, I’m also really caring, loving, funny, and friendly and I guarantee that if you took a chance on me you would find someone that keeps you interested and someone that isn’t intimidating at all.

    I think that I am starting to digress.
    But men, take a chance on a great girl. Don’t go after the easy ones, yea, they’re fun but the great girls are the ones that are worth it. And when you do go after a girl be clear, show them that you’re interested in them and only them not anyone else. When you show your interest treat them like a woman deserves to be treated, take them on a date, get to know them and give them a fair chance.

    Let’s bring dating back
    A woman over the “dating” culture of 2012

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