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    What is Love?
    When we look all around us and think what is Love it can stir up so much to the point of Awh.
    We look at our children, grand children, parents, siblings, spouses, partners, aunts~uncles and friends. I would hope that this could bring much contentment to each one of you as you look and think of Love.
    Then there is that In Love kind of Love.
    As Love comes from the heart the brain must try and nourish Love as best as it understands for each individual. This is were strength comes in. To be able to over come obstacles set before any kind of Love.
    Where does that In Love feeling come from?
    Sometimes that In Love feeling happens at the very first point of contact of meeting another.
    Sometimes it takes days, months or even years to fall into that In Love feeling. Yes there are infatuations, lustful In Love kind. Or a person thinks I am In Love with that person. In Love with that one just because that person did something for you that was special to you. However there is another kind of In Love out there.
    That kind of Love that moves your Soul. It wakes it up. It shakes your Soul and your Soul says what’s happening. Your Soul says to you OK you have all you need already. You have your life partner or spouse so this can be. Then it says to you or can it be? This In Love confuses you as it has been stirred up. Then the Heart steps in. Now the confusion really kicks in. Then one must step back and rationalize. What would that rationalizing look like? How does one separate so much?
    As the brain is now trying to involve itself it is when one must stop thinking. When the brain takes over things can get very messy trying to rationalize. Let the Soul and Heart take over. It will guide you to understand if this In Love thing is a Deeply imbedded root anchored Friendship or a Relationship.
    That In Love!
    One can write many poems. One can write on and on of this In Love. Things in Letters, Journals and private Diaries that no one will ever see. However that In Love feeling that can be felt for another is a Blessing. Not many find a deeply rooted In Love person. Especially when that In Love feeling never started as a physical attraction or a lustful feeling.
    We all at times let go of these In Love persons. We let them go to ensure that the other stays happy because to see them happy is all we want. We let them go and for some odd reason they tend to meet up one way or another. Do we ever wonder why? We should all forget about the why and just enjoy the time given to us while we can. Hold on to such a In Love person no matter where it shall take both of you.
    We will never be promised tomorrow. May we all enjoy and flourish in our In Love bonds.
    M Roe

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