• Stand Beside Me on this Night

    by  • December 17, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    Tonight, as I look up to the sky beyond the grey clouds that try to hide those marvelous jewels God gave to each of us, I feel that wonder swell within my chest and expand inside my lungs, providing the breath that the sight had stolen. And as I close my eyes and focus on that cool evening breeze brushing against my face, I can hear you beside me, whispering encouragement in that confident tone of yours. It fills me so completely that there is no room for fear or doubt, nor discomfort in this freezing environment. The warmth of your soul as it simply touches mine is intoxicating. The depth of your heart burrows beneath the roots of mountains and remains just as steadfast as those majestic bodies of rock and stone. Yet so graceful and gentle like a hawk up in the sky, you are my sweetest dream come to life. So hold my hand and stand beside me this eventide as we gaze up at the sky together, comparing the heavenly bodies with the sparks of life we observe in each other’s eyes.

    I may be a sap, but I’m your sap and I doubt you’d have it any other way. 😉


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