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    Dear H
    As of late things are changing very fast. So fast at times I can not seem to catch up. Today though I was slowed down. My heart felt an ache. Did you feel it too? I’ve sat most of the day relaxing. Winter break are nice after some long hard hours of studying have been put in. While relaxing I felt that ache. Knowing what you told me before the break. It hurts my heart because you could ever think such things. Yes I am just as guilty because of the doubt I have felt before. Yours is though a bit different. You think I am just playing with your heart. That I fake Loving you. Well that is very false. I can only prove so much at a time. Only because I fear that I would fuck things all up and push you away. If I have made you feel hurt than super shame on me. I never if I am or not.
    Johnny just remember that I never want to make you feel any less ever. You have never been perfect I will admit. If I told this would be a lie. Its just your mistakes are very close to few. My heart
    Feels too much I guess that’s an issue I need to get a handle. Johnny thank you for your patience always.
    Johnny My Heart Love’s you immensely threw all pieces scattered about.

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