• Why? Why? Why?

    by  • December 16, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Friends • 0 Comments

    I want to talk to you. I shouldn’t have this much fear. Over someone I have known for years. I have such strong urges to contact you. I have such a strong urge to cry over you. I don’t want to do either one. What I do want is for you to realize how stubborn, mean, selfish, and childish you are. Sometimes I wonder if you realize how cold you are. I know why you act that way, you’re hurt so you want the person that hurt you to feel as low as you. But that is so immature. We are both adults, if I can act like an adult so can you. It’s not that hard. Trust me, there are so many spiteful and bitchy things I want to say to you. You would deserve them too, but I fight them. Why? Because what would that get me? What would that get us? Another fight, more scars is what we both would get. I hate that you’re doing this. I have people that need me. I have things I need to do. But all I can think about is you. This is so pointless. WHY are you doing this? WHY don’t you realize the person I am, the heart I have. You act as if I’m your enemy, I’m not. I’m your friend!

    It’s not suppose to be this way.

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