• Those Magnetic Eyes. . . .

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    I don’t know you.

    But I think you’re beautiful. I forget until I see you walk into the room and our eyes meet. And every time it stuns me into stillness. Your eyes. . .they are almost impossible to describe. They are huge and endless, and even from afar it’s like gazing into a crystaline, bottomless pool. They are sometimes like the sea, but mostly they swirl like a brilliant sky, mixing with sun.

    You have the most interesting face. My friends argue that you look weird. Ha! You do have the most unique facial structure I’ve ever witnessed, but weird is not the word to describe you. . . oh no

    Your cheekbones arch high and prominent, and your mouth is wide and friendly. Your smile is framed by finely sculpted lips and they part to reveal your large, perfectly white smile. Your nose it broad, and sort of arched, but it blances out your beautiful, intense jawline.

    But, my God! Your eyes! Your eyelashes are long and thick, and I want to kiss your eyelids. And they crinkle on the corners when you use sarcasm to make a point. And they are so magnetic! They draw me, without my permission, I cannot look away until you do. I am powerless to do anything but stare. After our gaze breaks, it’s like my soul has been examined, leaving me feeling strangely exhilarated and free, yet somehow robbed. Like your gaze takes as much as it gives.

    And somehow, oh somehow, your eye contact sends chemical impulses to my neurons, and they transduce them into crazy visions and fantasies. Stop! Eye contanct and then BAM! We are kissing, your large warm hands on my thighs and mouth on my neck and tongue on my skin. . .and I am left breathless and shaky. When I recover. . .our eyes meet again and BAM! I pressed into a wall with your hands in my hair. . . .

    But I don’t know you.

    But I want to. Oh do I want to.

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      May 27, 2013 at 5:25 am

      i think it’s sexy as fuck!



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