• Big Mistake

    by  • December 16, 2012 • To You • 1 Comment

    or maybe not if purposely.
    Taking me for granted is a sure way for me to run as far as I can, and believe me …even if you still see me I’d be already out of reach.
    Games? You hate them? Really? Seems that’s all you know and understand! Pouring my soul out to you has you flipping through channels crying at the news? Hmmm, okay, if that’s what you want, I play.
    I only play to get over you though not to get you. The moment I start playing the game you seem to understand?
    I am already gone.

    Maybe I already am gone and don’t even know it myself yet – or do I?

    I know you don’t or maybe that’s what you are waiting for. Waiting for me to run so you can loath in self-pity of how right you were, everybody leaves you.
    LOL sure seems like your life is full of people and they seem to be what you want. So who cares the ones leaving? Surely not you, stop lying to yourself. If you cared you’d do something about it, you’d put effort in. I put effort into trying to change myself for the better too. Every single day, whining and all.
    What about you?

    Fuck love and fuck you, I never needed you but at least trusted you, thought in some strange way you really do care about me
    saying it just doesn’t make it so!

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    1. sonia
      December 16, 2012 at 9:41 pm

      That was a sad story i hope u can work things out and love will grow :)is this to a boy are girl

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