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    Dear God,
    You and I have had a long battled relationship with one another.
    Some days , I think there is hope that you are watching over all of your children
    And you gently bring your hand down to those who need protected
    To make us all feel safe and worthy of a voice no matter the circumstances
    Most days, I think you are a product of a beautifully written book
    Or maybe you are the ultimate writer and we are all just a page or a chapter as you see fit
    In your own book that you occasionally work on for you to turn pages at your will as you go about your
    days in heaven
    Tell me God, if you have all the answers
    Why don’t we have them?
    Why not share them with us?
    Where were you yesterday?
    Were you busy?
    Did you have an appointment you needed to get to?
    Did you forget to wake up?
    Are you ill?
    Do you care?
    Where were you when less than two weeks before most of this earth
    Consume themselves in your son’s birthday celebration and relish in his glorious life?
    Where were you?
    I’m writing you this letter today to let you know that twenty six innocent lives were taken from
    Us and not given to you yesterday.
    You didn’t have a right to take them but some will pray that you made a choice to do so
    I want you to know that you failed at your job yesterday
    You feel like an abusive boyfriend who makes us apologize for things that you fail to provide
    Despite where you failed, people will still worship you
    I want you to know that myself and countless others hurt and are so angry with you
    I want you to stay out of our schools and our government
    I want you to stay out of our lives
    But mostly, I want you to know that I will never write you one single letter ever again
    And that I don’t believe in you

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