• I’ve found him.

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    Hey there.
    A few years ago, I came on this site to bitch and whine and complain about this one guy that broke my heart. I was alone for 2 years after that. I had no contact with said person.
    But this year, I’m proud to say that I’ve made up with said person. We’re just how we were before he “loved” me.
    He’s got a new lover. A new life.
    I honestly thought he’d forgotten about me.
    But he didn’t.
    He said he wanted to apologize since the day we separated.
    He said he never stopped loving me.
    Then this one girl came along, and she became his new world.
    I was happy for him, of course. But that just made me ache, knowing that he had a new girl.
    I hurt for a while.
    Then I found a new boy.
    And let me tell you, he’s perfect.
    We’ve even got the same name.
    And he’s way better than R could ever be.
    Sure, I’ll always care for R, but he can take care of himself.
    But I’ve got a new love.
    And I’m not ever gonna give this up.
    I love you, G.
    – From the girl with the same name.

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