• Dear Santa

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    Dear Santa,

    I remember the hopes you used to give me. I remember even if I didn’t always get what I wanted I was over joyed to just have the cookies that I picked out eaten. I don’t expect to get anything this Christmas, I’m a big girl now and have had to provide for my on little one’s first Christmas. But Santa I need that hope again, so I am going to write this letter one last time. here it goes:

    If you can please for Christmas this year can my son be kept warm and safe. Can he have all the diapers he needs and all the food to keep his belly full.

    On that Christmas morning can I please receive that smile that lets me know that my struggle is worth something, and that I am doing everything right for him. Can I fell the little kicks from my unborn child to know that they will wait to be born until they are ready.

    On the 25th please Santa I will like to not be upset. I don’t want to fight tears. As I am trying to do right now as I write this.

    When I I call my Grandmother on that morning I would love to hear her voice and to know she will make another year to stay with us.

    I don’t know what else to write really but this has been the most important to me. I guess the last thing I want is that when I put the cookies out that you eat them. I truly hope you enjoy them

    Thank you Santa,

    love your cookie maker

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