• Your Angel

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    I wish I knew how you were right now. I think about you coming to see me still and my heart if full of the deepest longing in anticipation of it. I know we are going through a tough situation right now and all of my feelings are so scrambled at the moment. I just thought it was best at the time, with the all the pressure you are under and me helpless to help you through it. I just want to jump on a plane right now and hold you in my arms and never let go. I have not felt this in many moons and all I want is the best for you and I. For us to be the best we can with one another. My nerves are so shot at the moment. I know we need to talk soon or we will both regret this wonderful opportunity to have met in such a special way. I cherish you so deeply. I know times are hard right now and I never want to be the one to bring your down. I’m just frightened a bit Michael. I hope you do not take my slight reservation to heart, when all I want to do is fight for this. Fight for us. I know it’s hard to talk right now but I hope we can find time to reconnect soon. You mean the world to me. I was upset and I know you were overwhelmed at the time. So was I. Still am a bit but the fear is normal. I care for you so much so I wanted to respect the current environment you are in. I still feel like the luckiest woman on earth. That has not changed.
    Your Very Own Angel in Waiting

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