• My Life – End of Book One

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    I know we talked a lot last night, but I just have to write down what’s on my mind, exactly as it comes. I already know that you’re going to know that it’s me by the time I’m done writing, possibly even the very moment you’ve read this sentence. It’s a strange feeling, that of happiness; one that I really haven’t felt constantly before. I’ve always been content and there have been those moments of happiness that I’ve felt on fleeting occasions, but I’ve never went to bed happy and woke up happy. I’m just glad that you’re in my life and you will be for a very long time. Like the title said, and like it was mentioned last night, it’s not only a good way to end a chapter, but a good way to end a book. I keep thinking about it and thinking about how great it would be to have that in a book.

    As she leaned forward, closer to him, and he leaned to meet her, a thought passed through his mind, “This might be the last time I’ll ever kiss her.” With that last though, his lips touched hers.

    It’s strange, that I’m happy because of this kind of situation. I never thought that if I friendzoned someone that I like that I would be happy, but I am. It’s because I realized how much I love having you in my life, and I don’t want to screw that up by continuing to attempt to date you, to be in a relationship with you. And yes, as you said last night, there is a small part of me that is sad, but there is an even greater part of me that is happy. You are such an amazing person, even though you don’t really think so for some reason, and a great friend. I don’t want to be on that list of guys who wanted more before you were ready and now they are no longer friends with you. You said you missed having a guy best friend, and I’m going to be that for you. Like I said, I can’t promise that I’ll be perfect all the time, but I can promise that I will try my best to be there for you with every thing that you need. Even if that means being a bridesmaid for your wedding (I just hope I don’t have to wear a dress).

    There is a lot more on my mind right now, but I think I’m going to head down and meet with the group. It’s a good feeling knowing that I will see you down there, knowing that you and I aren’t going to get into that kind of fight.

    Again, thank you for being there for me, thank you for being my friend, and thank you for letting me be yours.

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