• Faith needing TRUST

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    Chances are 1 in a million.
    Wait 1 in a Million? 1 in a million? Think how many times have YOU and I hit those odds in the last few years? Really Bob think? From the micro tiny odd to finding your I~pad at that tiny hole in the wall Apple store in L.A. I bought it because of the unique cover on it and it had soooo much space on it. I didn’t think anything of it when I bought. I am always looking for good deals. When I finally charged it I flipped through it. No music on it. I did find some notes on it. I didn’t care I didn’t know the previous owner. Until I looked at the signature. I almost wet my panties! I thought no f’in’ way. I didn’t care what was written. It’s none of my business PERIOD! I was just floored at the chances of me finding it. My brother sent YOU a picture asking if it was yours. The chances of me getting an answer back were very slim to nothing. The only reason I found out it was yours is through twitter. Another odd chance. Sorry to use this example but that is the mother load of odd chances! Wouldn’t YOU agree? YOU see for some odd ball reason we are brought together. We both know it.
    So the the NOW. I yes I have made tons of excuses to find logical reasoning as YOU have more so than me. It use to take me awhile to get a clue. I never expected to fall in Love with YOU. NEVER! Only because YOU were my tutor heck YOU still are. I respected YOU too much plain and simple! YOU belong to one of the top University’s. Heck YOU are in a deep rooted relationship with D.D. aka Texas. So why even have falling in LOVE with YOU as even as a thought? Heck you’ve gone to this University for more than half your life. As I have and wish nothing but the BEST for YOU I keep my thoughts to my self. As we are study buddies YOU only share bits and pieces of yourself with me. What you have shared makes me feel special. Bob not very men are like that with me 🙂 . There is so much I would like to know about YOU. Your part time job you had most of your life. Your staff and their assistant’s. I know your assistant’s are our Universe. Out have showed me time and time again. Most of all Bob your deepest Dreams. I see in your eye how many more Dreams YOU have. From YOU. DESIGNING your own tutoring from the ground up. Floor plans, Carpet, Curtains, Furniture heck to the style of your choice in coffee makers. I would support your every Dream to the way YOU. want it. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s your paradise. YOU would be spending countless hours tutoring there not me. Yet I really understand the University’s house rules.
    Now our biggest test ever. I as I Love the Jr college I go to, I really do YOU know that, and I really and truly understand YOU the Love the University YOU tutor for we cheat ourselves. Loyalty is big for both of us. Bob do YOU think or know I am in Love with YOU? If so can YOU still tutor me? Knowing the LOVE I have for YOU? Everything you have ever taught me I soak up like a sponge. Yes not every tutoring session has perfect. I know we have both have learned from those bad sessions.
    Bob but don’t YOU have to agree our BEST sessions we both have taken as life long I am so gonna
    Use that e very chance I get? I am just finishing up my Freshman year. It’s been one of the most challenging for me. For YOU too because I wonder if YOU get frustrated when YOU patiently have to repeat a chapter. I know YOU are patient because YOU seen first hand on how my cousin confused me.
    Bob can YOU and will YOU keep helping me? I understand YOU have many students to tutor now and YOU are a few years away from your Masters. I don’t want to be in the way or a burden EVER!
    I just pray that this higher TRUST I have for YOU now that YOU don’t prove me wrong. YOU never have. I will see YOU on the 21st of this month. I hope we have much needed answers for each other. If by chance YOU say NO more studying, yuck doubt my shadow, PLEASE NEVER EVER FORGET I LOVE YOU & I AM IN LOVE WITH you! I would take any and all flaws YOU come with. The words a wise man told me once “”No one needs to know! It’s none of their damn business! This wise one stressed DAMN which fowl words rarely tend to leave their soft pink lips!
    N~R~L*22* will never read this :-(.

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