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    I feel lonely.

    It happens every now and then.

    Maybe every night.

    I feel sad watching the news.

    I write about it sometimes. But people I know seem to be annoyed of it.

    I guess so.

    It makes sense.

    I’m just that kind of person.

    I wonder when this loneliness will stop for good.

    No one necessarily understands me. Wrong words come out. That, or the way I look makes them think I’m insulting them.

    But, I guess people think that’s my fault too.

    Right, that must be it.

    It must be because, “You’re not doing anything about it. You’re not saying anything about it.”

    I guess, if that’s what they want to think.

    Closed minds don’t open if they’re not willing to.

    I know I’m a horrible person.

    I think bad things about people sometimes.

    I feel threatened everywhere I go.

    I’m a horrible person.

    But I don’t like to be.

    In the end, who do I have?


    Where can I go on nights like these?


    Sometimes, I wish I could spend a night at a church.

    The open space makes me comfortable most.

    Everywhere else, I feel obsolete.

    I’d like to watch the rain tonight. But there’s none.

    I’d like to sleep until late afternoon tomorrow. But I have finals.

    I’d like to feel free.

    But, I don’t know any more.

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