• To the life I’ll never get back

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    Dear Abbie, Tommorrow it will have been three months since we last spoke. My best friend. I miss you. I always wonder, do you miss me too? Or even more? But you dont.You hate me and have moved on with your life and I’m the only one who cares and got left behind caught up in the troubles, it’s funny because all that time you were lying. Lying about ever caring about me, lying about everything. I thought you were going to be the one who would miss me, but I guess not.. it’s been a quarter of a year now and I still cant get over you. What we had was amazing. Something people write novels about. The perfect friendship/bond. We understood each other. A bond impossible to break. And now, well we dont even speak.. I haven’t seen you since the day before I started year 9 which was like just over 3 months ago. It doesn’t seem like a long time but oh it is. It feels like a lifetime. For someone who I used to speak to every single day and see every week, it does. And I dont know how your coping without me and I dont know how I am without you. I thought you said you couldn’t live without me? Well… I guess you could. And now I’ll never see you again, you’ve broken my heart with those horrible words and the way you acted towards me but you know what, every time I forgived you endlessly hoping you were going to change. Your not the nice kind funny person I thought you were. And I hope one day Abbie Robinson, you’ll remember the friend you once had. Because I’ll be long gone when you do. Sincerly, Me. p.s no one will ever replace you.

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