• If you love me let me go

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    This past weekend I knew it was the night I was going to finally ask you how I felt, it’s been 4 years by the way. 4 years of you being gone for 8 months and me STILL caring about you, I knew that you were special because I’ve never cared for someone for this long. Especially through high school and some of college.

    I asked you how you felt, you avoided the question completely and changed the subject the quickest minute that you could. That was the first time i’ve actually ever had my heartbroken, I truly cried. I never cry. It was just a let down because after all these years I built up the courage to ask you and you avoided it.

    The night after (last night) you call me to come over and do your hair because you guys needed help… Like are you serious? In my texts I did ask you to still be my best friend no matter what but still… It’s not that easy to let go.

    Me being stupid I went over and my feelings for you grew so much because I know you care about me, I wasn’t giving you the attention I usually give you since now you know the truth about me but no you kept going. You kept doing stupid little shit like bringing out pregnancy tests that you might need to give to one of your girls for the night just to piss me off. You tweeted me right when I left your house, you’ve never texted me or anything after.

    I may be thinking to much into it but everyone can see it so we can’t ALL be wrong you know?

    I don’t know I just want you to care for me the way I care for you. That’s it. Just be real with me. I just need to know that I’M NOT JUST CRAZY.

    Love you forever <3

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