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    Dear friend,

    All life is, is living up to other people’s expectations. I try my hardest to always be open minded, to understand and not be one sided. I thought it would bring peace amongst conflict in relationships, because all I’ve wanted in life was true friends who cared. Problem with that path is that I’m not living my own life, I’m living it for you and the others when I know you all really don’t give a rat’s ass about me. All I am to you is someone who makes you feel good and important, while you don’t give a damn about me or what I say. If I ever speak out and tell you all this you’ll all just call me selfish and inconsiderate and that it’s all about me.

    You didn’t remember my birthday, none of you did, not a word or even a text from your stupid phones.

    I’ve found an opportunity that can take me away from this life that I thought would go somewhere beautiful, and I’m deciding to leave it all behind. I now realize what that saying meant, “that when it finally boils down to it, you either have to choose one or the other.” I’ve made my choice and I’m not listening to you or anyone else anymore.

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