• What went wrong?

    by  • December 10, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    I love you, baby boy. But I’m not allowed to say that anymore, am I? Not the feelings, not the name. Neither of those belong to me anymore. I don’t know what went wrong. I don’t know I don’t know. I wish I knew. No. I wish I could have prevented it. Was it me? I don’t know what I could have done. As time went on it seems like I started to care more and you started to care less. When I think about how we were, I can’t understand how we became how we are now. Don’t you remember? Do you remember the time when you cried your eyes out from the thought that we might one day break up? Do you remember how much you cared? How much you loved me? Don’t you remember all the good times? Why don’t they count more than the bad times? The good times were so good. I don’t even understand how you could give them up. I still love you so much and you don’t love me and I don’t know why or what I’m supposed to do. How am I supposed to be without you? I can’t be without you.

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