• What don’t they understand…

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    What don’t my parent’s understand…
    They divorced over 30 years ago when I was 8,
    They are both remarried.

    They got to visit their parents anytime and
    anywhere they wanted.

    I have to still call ahead and see if it’s
    a good time for them or their spouses…

    It’s been that way since I was a kid, even
    growing up in ‘someone’ else’s house, namely
    my stepfather’s…

    What don’t they get…

    I want to bring my kids to see them and feel
    comfortable in a home…

    What don’t they get…

    They still want me to bend over backwards,

    Damn baby boomers!

    I called crying 2 years ago because my father almost
    died of his 2nd heart attack, quadruple bypass instead…

    My Mom said ‘I never said you couldn’t spend time with
    your father’

    Yeah, every 8-year old has the ability to drive 350 miles
    to see their father…

    What doesn’t she get..

    ‘It’s his house and his rules..’ great Mom (about my stepfather)

    What don’t you get…

    You took my childhood and security from me…

    Now all I get is ‘get your own life…’

    Well guess what, I have a life, I have a M.S. and my husband
    has a PhD.


    Who do they exactly think are being my ‘parents’?

    I’ll just have to create imaginary one’s or do without, I guess.

    The hell with it!

    Why do I still send cards and gifts, what the hell am I doing?

    Oh, by the way, the Christmas gifts are in the mail! I’ll skip the
    in person visit again this year!

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