• Teenage Suicide.

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    This is for anyone who’s had the thought,
    Made plans for it,
    Or was about to go through with it, but didn’t.

    Please, don’t ever do this.
    I swear to god, things will get better.
    Life is all about the ups and downs.
    I know it’s a very bad down you may be in,
    But I can promise you that things will change.

    If it’s over abusive parents,
    Tell someone.
    I imagine they or he/she must scare you,
    But you need to be in a better home.
    You deserve and will someday receive better treatment.
    Don’t ever end your life because of it.
    Some one out there cares for you.
    If you don’t believe that, well I care for you, stranger.

    If it’s over a bully,
    Someone who’s telling you to do it,
    Don’t give them the satisfaction.
    Take personal satisfaction that whoever is telling you to end your own life, will mostly likely never be happy.
    They’re a terrible creature that will probably never experience the true values and happiness in life like I know you will someday.

    If it’s over a significant other,
    Please, DON’T.
    They aren’t good enough for you.
    They don’t see how valuable of a person you are
    But I promise you, you WILL meet someone who will see exactly what you’re worth.
    Someone who’s going to love you unconditionally.
    Someone who will always fight for you.
    Someone that you’ll love, too.

    I know because I’m the person who’s in love with someone who was once on the brink of death; he wanted to commit suicide and was very close had it not been for the person who is now his best friend.
    I’m so happy he didn’t do it.
    I’m so happy his best friend came into his life.
    If he didn’t,
    I would have never met him,
    Never met my soul mate.
    We’re so perfect for each other, it’s as if we were made specifically for each other. The universe created us so we’d meet.
    Guess what? The universe has created someone for you, too.

    Please don’t ever commit suicide because your soul mate is out there waiting for you to find them.
    If you end it now, you’re missing out on immense happiness.
    And they’re missing out on it, too.

    Please keep holding on.
    Please keep on fighting.
    Please keep on loving.
    Keep on learning.
    Keep on going.

    You’re a beautiful person,
    And you deserve every good thing that is going to come to you.
    No matter how bleak things may look, there is a colorful life lurking some where near.
    Realize that people care about you much more than you’ll ever know.
    People that you know care for you;
    I care for you.
    I want you to live a full, long happy life.
    Don’t end it before it even gets to start.

    Please keep holding on.
    I promise it’ll get better.
    I love you stranger.
    And I’m praying for you. <3

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