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    I know this is childish. I know that I’m above this and have been for quite some time but sometimes you just need to get out how you feel. this is how I feel.

    To all you losers,

    I’ve wasted so much time on you. Keeping my comments to myself, smiling and looking away, changing the subject, laughing at jokes that aren’t funny, counseling hopeless scenarios. F*** it.

    You are all losers. You will never change. You will always say the same things, not even in different ways. You will always be “tight” because you lack the motivation to “grow up.” You worship yourselves, each other and your parents money. You sleep with each others girlfriends/boyfriends. You have no motivation to be honest, respectable adult human beings. This ship is going down and it is all so clear to me. I’m getting off tonight. I plan on going home to my warm, f****** comfortable bed with my brand new sheets and sleeping my princess a** off til morning. Then, I’m going to wake up and tell my boyfriend to go f*** himself because the idea of doing it myself makes me nauseous. Then, I’m going to eat cake, as much as I want and come home to a life of limitless possibilities. While you all are eating Mcdonalds, spending T***’* money and killing your brain cells I’m going to shake my a** down to 120 pounds and lap you as many times as I can. Your head will probably spin and I’m just going to smile and make small talk about the weather. B******.

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