• you think you’re better, don’t you?

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    Okay, so here I am, trying to “act like myself”. And here I am, getting judged for being my ugly self. I’m sorry to disappoint you, I’m not perfect. I’m nothing special, but I’m not worthless. I have worth, I have value, and if you can’t see it, well then. I don’t see yours either. You can just keep your mouth shut, because honestly, who the heck cares about you? I don’t care about you, you don’t care about me. I keep my mouth shut. I don’t have the need to call out on your every mistake. I don’t sneer at you—I don’t act like I’m better than you. Then why do you feel like you have the rights to do that to me? I judge you, I have strong opinions about you, whether they’re negative or not, and I keep it to myself. So is it really that hard to just shut the fuck up and keep your nasty remarks to yourself? Why do you have to constantly remind me I’m not perfect, I know I’m not? You tell me I’m trying way too hard, but when I wear my bare face to school, you act as if I’m hideous and tell me I shouldn’t go walking around like this. What rights do you have? In what ways are you better than me? Are you not human? Are you the fucking chosen one or something? I cannot, and will never forgive you for your constant idiocy. I’m sorry, that you feel so bitter, maybe it’s cause I accept myself? I just don’t understand you, and how you feel like you’re the Queen of the World. Newsflash, honey, you’re not.

    You’re just another city girl, from some no-name town, who thinks the entire female race save yourself is “whorey”. You act as if it’s so bad to wear heels and skirts, to like pink and curl your hair fancy. I see nothing wrong with making yourself pretty—wearing makeup is not applying layers of fakeness, it’s no armor. It’s an enhancement, makeup will never cover all my flaws, but I use it no to conceal, but to reveal. And if you still don’t understand why you can’t go around saying, “I’m only friends with guys because girls are so bitchy,” then I honestly give up on you.

    You’re just so…stupid! Calling the entire female race demeaning names will do nothing but give men reasons to step all over us. With what you have, you’re forever a girl. You will never be exempt from this gender, you will forever be known as a girl as long as you have a vagina, which you do. So saying you’re one of the guys, and judge everyone else for wearing lip gloss, does nothing but make you the prime example of being a bitch. Taylor Swift’s You Belong to Me is a disgusting song. She’s such a slut shamer, she acts so innocent and is your fucking role model. You should stop cranking this so loud on your ipod—we get it, you’re humiliated to be around us. Sorry. “She wears high heels, I wear sneakers. She’s Cheer Captain and I’m on the bleachers.” This quote however, should not be in your Facebook’s favorite quote section. Bitch please, this means nothing. You have absolutely no rights to say you’re better than me because I wear heels, act like a girl, and fit into the feminine category. I’m sorry I don’t have short hair like you, sorry I’m not athletic, sorry I’m a cheerleader, sorry I’m academically intelligent. I’m so fucking sorry.

    And now that we have this cleared up, calling me a girl won’t make you any less of a girl, calling me a whore won’t make you a virgin princess, calling me a slut doesn’t mean I don’t know you lost your virginity to a senior when you were in your freshmen year. I’m sorry I’m not a blonde plastic Barbie like you think I am. I’m sorry I’m not tan, sorry that I know how to type with capitalized words, sorry that I’m advanced in Fine Arts.

    I’m not a sports girl, never will be, but stop trying to evade the subject! You’re a female, you’re a girl, you will someday give birth, and I’m sorry I’m not “one of the dudes”. What I’m not sorry for is that I’m born a girl, I have pride, and I will never degrade my own kind just so I feel a sense of superiority. I’m sorry you were fucking born female, cause you’re obviously too stupid to realize how awesome girls are.

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