• YOU are more than the BEST

    by  • December 9, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Love - Pure and Simple • 0 Comments

    Darling YOU have never failed me. I am forever great full to YOU. In my most despairing moments in life YOU shine threw. (To me Love YOU are so dammmm Sexy!) I could barely see in front of me and there YOU are more Beautiful than ever. YOU don’t even know that YOU are so Beautiful. I feel 50% better today thanks to YOU. God only knows where I’d be right now. At the rate I was going maybe in a cold morgue on a stainless table. Yes that’s the reality of it. Weather we like it or not. I even text my friend Mike & he was nowhere to be found. I know he has a life too so I don’t blame him. I hope YOU understand he to me is my dearest friend nothing more. If YOU EVER doubt me pinch yourself please. YOU are the only one who ever has moved my heart & soul. EVER!!!! Always remember jealousy ruins families,friendships & relationships. Anyways I know YOU will never fail me. Something that has taken years to over come. Only because what I have been threw. Oh ya your super sexiness is UNBELIEVABLE my Love… Just so YOU know when YOU wave your feet at me, yes I don’t look like I’m watching, it drives me absolutely wild. YOU take my naughty thoughts where they don’t belong. Shit all the naughties I think about YOU I think it has given me a personal space in hell cuz Darling I don’t regret one naughty thought about YOU. It’s my selfish right.
    Once again I LOVE “YOU”!

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