• To My Best Friend

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    Dear Amy,

    We have been best friends for six years now and I never thought that anything could separate us. We always used to joke that we would never fight, even if the world was ending. It’s true. We don’t fight. We just are drifting apart.

    I don’t blame you for what is happening to our friendship, this is my fault too. Neither of us have time for each other. I don’t know if our lives are just that busy or if we are doing something wrong. Actually, something is wrong. Something is so wrong, and it is wrong of me to keep it from you.

    Your boyfriend is abusive. He is completely and utterly wrong for you. How do you not see it? He is the textbook definition of an emotional abuser. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if you are hiding bruises. This needs to end. Now.

    You have given him enough fucking chances. He doesn’t care enough about you to change. You know this. You tell me this all the time. Why can you not get this through your head, Amy? Your relationship is abusive. It isn’t just him either. Your crazy girlfriend antics proves that you aren’t meant to be together. You should trust him. He tells you not to fucking trust him, and if he does anything bad it is your fault for not trying hard enough. Bullshit.

    You need to get out. I know that seems impossible because you love him, but I can promise you that you will find someone who is actually right for you and treats you like a Queen. You deserve to be happy. I know that you are not happy with him. He makes your hair fall out with worry, that doesn’t sound too perfect to me.

    I love you, Amy. I would do anything for you. Anything. You are my best friend. I need you to break it off. Not for me, but for you. For your well-being. I want you to be happy and I know that you do too.

    I know it will seem scary, but I am here for you. Through everything. Everything. I am only 2 minutes away. I will be there for you and you are not alone. Jessica is here for you too. You know she is. WE are the ones with your best interest at heart. WE are the ones who love you the right way. WE love you for exactly who you are. WE are the ones that you don’t have to be afraid of. WE are your best friends. WE fucking love you, girl.

    I’m really guilty with this situation though. I needed to tell you sooner. I needed to help you see reason. I so hope that I am not too late. You are my best friend, I promise. Trust my judgement. I know you see the real Ty too. I promise that this distance between us is not because I don’t care. Ty, you, and I created this distance. Ty pulled you out of my life. You avoid me so that you can hide your problems. I am too afraid to tell you that you are dating an abusive boy.

    I don’t want you to hate me. I am terrified that you will. I need you, Amy, as my best friend. I can’t imagine my life without you. I need to show you this letter but I am too afraid. I’m so ashamed. I’ve finally broken as I lay on the floor crying as I write this. I have to tell you now. I can’t lose you, but even more important is that you don’t lose yourself. If you don’t break up with Ty then you won’t even know who you are.

    Please listen. Please consider. Please don’t hate me.


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