• The Battle of Footsteps

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    I met you in the middle between conviction and apathy when all the world stood still. No moving forward; no stepping back. Hardly existing, never mind living until the breath was taken from my body, reforged, given purpose, and reinserted into my lungs, snapping wide open the eyes of the heart. Such clarity and sharpness of vision, yet without the computing power to fully understand what I was seeing. Colors jumped out at me like a 3D movie, and suddenly I found one foot of mine taking its place ahead of the other.

    But over the span of six years, it has been a constant battle with my feet between forward and backward motion. For each step I took towards my goal, my legs appear to take two more in the opposite direction. So manually, I jumped — in reality: a desperate endeavor — and managed to grab hold of the roots sticking out of the cliff-face on the other side, supported merely by my arms. Now it is their turn to put one hand in front of the other to allow me to move upwards and onto stable ground. This Hollywood ledge-grab stuff ain’t cutting it for me.

    Presently I hang here, but not alone. You are clinging to my back; I can feel the tension in your grip. If I fall, you fall with me and then where will we both be? My strength ebbs and flows just like the tide, but I am doing my best to hang on, sweety. You know my love for you is true and greater than any fear of falling. One way or another I’ll find a way to pull us both to safety, and we can rest on that ledge in the comfort of each others arms, laughing in relief about a past that, at the time, was nothing to laugh about. And now, I have another item sitting on my desk to serve as motivation and the development of inner strength — an item that you have yet to be aware of. But you will, my love — you will. In due time, it will be off my desk and on your finger and all the world will know of my love for you!

    Phase One has been completed; Phase Two commences in about two weeks and already the adrenaline has been released into my bloodstream, heightening the excitement for that inevitable day of the union of two hearts into one. You are beautiful and radiant — so much more than the colorless crowned halo that is so important to Phase Three.

    Just be patient my dear. We’ll make it through the night, and our Faith will be rewarded, despite the lack of it that has often contaminated our hearts and minds. For six years now, I have loved you more than any bard or poet could ever capture, that even for most of that time I neither understood or realized it myself. But now that our hearts are awakened, I will never let you go. Cling tightly to me, sweetheart, and my grip will not fail. I’m not just holding on for myself. I have my second heart to look after, too, and it is of far more importance to me than the one i was born with.

    All in due time.

    The Sunrise Poet

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    1. C
      December 10, 2012 at 7:21 am

      I enjoy reading your letters. They seem so familiar, a reminiscence of an old lover- a poet I once knew years ago. I am looking forward to reading more.

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