• Oblivion

    by  • December 9, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    I mostly blame myself for the heartbreak I’ve experienced. I was oblivious to you and your plan to use me. I remember when I first met you, a year ago, I was with somebody else but I was instantly attracted to you. When things didn’t work out with me and my boyfriend, you were there for me. You swooped me up when I was so fragile and gullible. I thought you genuinely cared. I admit that I’m the one who ruined whatever we had. But I always regretted it. When you came back into town last month I was ecstatic. I genuinely hoped that you would forget about last year and we could start all over. You invited me over and I instantly thought it was going to be like old times, with all of our old friends but I should’ve known better. Your direct words to me were “If we’re not going to hook up, you should probably leave.” A little buzzed and completely in shock, I had no idea what to say to you. I ran out. Everyone knew what you said. I felt so embarrassed. I felt like trash. I felt like a stupid teenage girl. I wanted to scream at you, push you, make you feel unwanted too. But I know it wouldn’t phase you. You know how lost I am already and you broke me even more. I hope you fall in love and feel total bliss and when you’re not looking, somebody takes it all away.

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