• Miss me? Now you’ll have to kiss me.

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    I am trying SO hard not to contact you.

    I can’t sleep. I don’t even like you! Do I? I’m sorry I made you mad. I want to believe I can trust you and that you like me. I feel so warm around you. You make me happy when I am around you.

    But you won’t break up with her. I’m not going to be your little side dish. Please, love me for me. I know you see I need it. I think you can do it even. You’re so kind.

    I feel like if things continue it’s not an ‘if’ I sleep with you, it’s a ‘when’.

    I don’t think people will forgive me for doing that like they will you. I forgave you for doing it with other people. I’d be the big-titted slut that seduced you. Shame on me. Another girl would forgive you.

    I’m so confused.

    I liked when you touched my leg during the aria. I hope you never read this. You’re stupid.

    We’re so comfortable. I hope we stay together as friends forever if nothing else.

    Please forgive me, I’m not trying to shove you away. Please just respect me!

    In the past few days I have only not thrown up one time when I’ve eaten. This makes me happy. I want to be so skinny that I rot from view….

    Post 2 in 2 days. A record for me. I wish I had friends to talk to about this.

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