• Army Friend

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    It’s been a long, hard road. Do you even remember sophomore year anymore? The excitement between us? There was passion there. Where has that gone?

    For years, we tangled in and out of each other, and what did we get to? Two old friends that meet at Panera whenever we’re both home? I suppose it’s better than nothing, but really, is that all I am to you?

    Hell, I loved you. I loved you so much. And all I got back was crude remarks and requests for hook ups even though you were always seeing someone else. Why was I always just the side girl, and never the front one? I deserved more. I deserved you.

    And now you’re in the Army. Basic training flew by. I know I surprised you with that letter. And your response.. it was so genuine, one of the first times I think I ever heard you so genuine and truthful and vulnerable and .. free. It made me so happy.

    But now you have your phone back, your life back, your friends. And you’re back to being the douche that will ignore me until we’re both home and you need to get some.

    Well, not anymore, good friend. Not anymore.

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