• I would want it to be like last time

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    You know it’s funny how when I watch tv shows and am always surprised how the characters won’t come out and just say how they’re feeling. They hold off and just let the one they love walk away. No fight.
    Since we’ve started talking again I suppose I should probably tell you the truth. I still like you. A lot. I never stopped really.
    You just told me that you broke up with your boyfriend, which didn’t surprise me too much. I kinda felt that you were just with him so as you wouldn’t be lonely, which I can understand.
    You’ve also been telling me about other people you’re interested in. I don’t mind what you do really. I don’t want to care more than I should.
    So you’ve been asking me to come visit as well. I told you I thought it would be weird, and you agreed and promised it wouldn’t be like last time… Problem is I think if I did visit I’d want it to be pretty much exactly like the last time.
    I’m in an annoying place where I don’t want to want you, but I do. And you don’t help me. Not that it should be you’re job to stop me from liking you, but it doesn’t help me if you act in a way that would insinuate you do. I would love to be able to be your friend and not want more. To just hang out for hours and not want it to go anywhere.
    And even if you did want me back, well there’s the whole thing where I don’t want to want you, or want the whole drama that comes along with wanting you.

    But anyway, I’ve finally accepted the fact that I like you. More than I’ve ever liked someone before. And more than I’ve ever liked someone since meeting you those few years ago.

    I hope I can like someone as much again.

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