• Some people just can’t hang

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    I live my life fiercely. All in, as much as I can and try not to stop unless I’m sick, exhausted or depressed. I’m genuine and loyal. I would help a stranger if I could and if I can help it, I try not to over commit myself. Lately I’ve been studying night and day for an exam I have that is three days away, working, keeping up with the expectations of my roommate around the house, etc. I try to be someone that can listen as often as possible but I have this part of me that just cringes with some people if they try to get close to me. Like, I truly feel like we just don’t fit. I mean, you can connect with anyone but only to a certain degree. We vibrate on different frequencies and I call it as it is, economical. It’s not that I feel above these people I just have limitations on what I would do for these people and how often I want to hear their nasaly words. It’s hard to explain. I just see right through them. If I’m getting what I want I mind my own business, it makes sense but it only goes that far. We will never be anything but this. Accept it. We live in two different worlds. I have no interest in stooping to your level. I’m above it it the sense that I mind my own business, I treat everyone with equal respect and I’m supportive. I don’t step on people. I’m not a narcissist. I pursuit happiness, not money, not friends, not booze or respect from people who pay me. I live free because I am free. You’re only as deep as you strive to be and I’m sorry if I’m just a little too ambitious for your taste or too strong for you to have two drinks without going over the limit but I’ve weaved a beautiful life for myself and no one, not even you, can ruin my day.

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