• Dear S

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    You texted me on my birthday. Well, technically the day after my birthday. In the text you apologized for being 20 minutes late in wishing me happy birthday but actually you were 2 hours late because of the time difference. Anyway, I had hoped that you would write on my Facebook wall or something, but the day came and went and there was no post from you, so imagine how surprised I was when I woke up and saw your text not only saying happy birthday, but that you wanted to see me sometime.

    What? You want to see me? I seriously doubt that. I’m pretty sure you were drunk when you sent that text, because I’m pretty sure drunk you would be the only you interested in seeing me. But regardless, I responded saying that I would love to catch up and that you should just text me when you’re in town. No response from you to that… and of course no text from you when you were in town for Thanksgiving.

    So my question is: why did you text me on my birthday? To be nice? To be friendly? S, we haven’t seen each other since your high school graduation party. We’re not friends. We’re not even acquaintances anymore. You’re just a guy I follow on Twitter. Yes, you were my first kiss. Yes, you were my best friend. Yes, you’re the only guy I’ve ever actually wanted to date. Am I over what happened? Nope. And even though I know that’s totally pathetic, a part of me feels like you might miss me too, even if you only realize it when you’re drunk.

    So if you see this letter, please don’t ask me about it. Let’s just go on with our lives without each other, please.


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