• You Mess Me Up

    by  • December 6, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    Seriously I don’t know what to think about you.

    Even on this site which I’ve used so many times to sort out with I’m thinking. I’ve typed out letter after letter just trying to pinpoint what exactly it is about you.

    You’re not like any other guy I’ve been interested in. I mean you’re a great guy. You’re kind, considerate, a gentleman, funny, smart, a little dorky, and handsome. With other guys I’ve settled, they’ve been missing one or two main qualities that I wanted, but with you I just don’t feel like someone like you would actually be interested in someone like me. Not that there is anything wrong me (I’m usually very confident with myself) but again, you’re tripping me up.

    Even you’re quirks are cute. You’re negative mood before coffee, your terrible printing or how overly excited you get when talking about your interests.

    You’ve even gotten me so hooked that I’m jealous. Jealous. I’ve never been jealous when it came to a guy, especially when its just you sharing a laugh with my friends. I get nervous, and assume that you’d prefer one of them.

    I’ve always assumed, since I’m a little less ladylike than most of the other girls I know that I’d end up with a guy a little rougher, someone with a bit of scruff. But you are not quite like that. I can live without the scruff, but I love how you’re outdoorsy and athletic and still have all of those rugged qualities.

    Anyways, I’ve done enough babbling on here. I’ve still got that social assignment we were both complaining about this morning to do. I won’t tell you this, not for a while at least but maybe I’ll ask you to grab a bite to eat or something next time I see you. Or maybe use one of those cheesy pick up lines you like, but say you don’t. (I saw that smile.)

    – Rachel

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