• To the Broken of LINS

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    Let the sky fade out — way into the distance. Let the moon, the stars, the sun, all disappear over an underestimated horizon and let your world fill with darkness and cool swirling mist, engulfing you so completely that not even your breath can escape this cocoon.

    And then watch it all come rushing back like those science videos you watched in high school where the heavenly entities are zoomed into times a million for effect, giving you a feeling larger than your minuscule life, taking away that same breath that once was trapped in the preceding scene. Embrace the light as it comes flooding in through every crack and fissure of this prison, melting warmly into your skin and dissolving the darkness entirely.

    Back and forth these visions pull, battling for the entirety of your heart and mind. I know they do mine beneath the mask of stress and distance. It is so easy to fall apart when holding yourself together becomes too fatiguing, but by practicing holding out as long as you can, you’ll find yourself lasting longer each time between break downs. I cannot describe the pain of this place without resorting to generic imagery that hardly covers the true extent of my pain and longing, but I do know I am stronger than this, as are you, dear reader, whatever obstacles you may face.

    In the end, they are all just training scenarios, building you up into a stronger person, unless you regularly accept defeat because that is all you have known. Life’s about finding the tiniest shards of light in the darkest of dungeons, even if they turn out to be figments of your imagination. I believe the imagination is more real than we give it credit for, so if you must dig deep into that well until something more tangible comes your way, by all means do so.

    And it will. Believe me. Days. Months. Years. We all have our timelines. But they cannot hold up indefinitely to beauty that still exists in this world, determined to reach every heart and soul that is willing to open up to it. Just give it time.

    Believe me: it is worth it.


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