• There will never be a “one day”

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    I figured you should know I thought I still had feelings for you when we use to talk… I thought I never stopped loving you, but truth is I was simply remembering the past better than it was. I didn’t still love you, I loved the Idea of you & nothing more.

    You think you know me so well. You do not, You don’t know all the little things that matter to me. You don’t know which poet inspired me to start writing. Nor the name of my beloved first puppy that help me overcome a fear. You don’t know my favorite chocolate or flower or what makes me sick if I have too much of it. You know very little of me.

    He always treated me like a Man should & that my dear Ex, is why I Married him & not you. That is why I walked away & into his arms when you told me to move on.

    So please don’t look for me anymore. Don’t send me messages about anything, for you have no longer have a role in my life, your chapter has ended in the book of my life.

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