• my first college bestfriend

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    i remember the first time we met, i knew you were special when we made eye contact.
    you had a boyfriend and i was an awkward skinny kid that you thought was funny.
    we bonded instantly, loved the same music and loved to party hard with a passion. we were the same person; the same soul.
    i loved our friendship. you waking me up everyday forcing me to go to class, forcing me to eat lunch with you so you wouldnt have to eat by your self, and i secretly loved it..
    you loved to dace and i loved to dance with you. i’ve never had anybody in my life care for me the way you did… we both knew we wanted each other but you had a boyfriend and i didn’t have the balls to do anything.
    we finally got to that point where our lust was so much we could not hold it back. the tension was to much and the universe wanted us to be together.
    the first time we kissed you got me drunk bc you knew i was too awkward to go in for the kill sober. then….. it happened, sparks flew and i knew you were the one, my soul mate…..until you got scared, you never wanted to break up with him because it had gone on for so long so you pushed me away but deep down we felt it, it never went away.

    we hungout the summer after school and every time i saw you i kicked myself for letting you go…. but i knew i had one more chance.. our sophomore year was around the corner and i had grown up and finally knew for the first time what i wanted in my life… you
    we took the same classes, flirted and got lunch everyday, i knew it would happened again…..
    it did; and i couldn’t have been happier.
    while together we could literally tell what the other was thinking, even when we were apart. telecommunication existed… it was scary knowing each other’s thoughts but we were so close nothing could touch us…..

    until i messed up….. the skinny awkward kid who had no balls fresh year fucked up n thought he was hot shit.. hanging with the top kids, running the scene i thought i was too big… i had forgotten who i was.

    you caught me in a lie, the lie that killed my soul, i still remember to this day, the time you walked out my room and from then on i had lost my soulmate, the girl of my dreams,
    now you’re with my best friend, the kid who called you a slut the night you left me…..the reason your with him is because he reminds you of me. you were the sunshine of my life and hurt me the most going with him. we will never ever speak again but its sad knowing that you lost your soulmate at the age of 20. it kills me to this day knowing your supposed to be with someone forever and then a player messes it up.. he doesn’t love you he loves your body, i loved your soul….
    maybe one day you’ll see but it will be too late, i long the day till we meet again but it will be too late, we will be old and wish we could go back to that summer being forever young.

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