• Melancholia at its finist

    by  • December 6, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Yearning for You • 0 Comments

    I feel worn out, tired, mentally exhausted. I just want to sleep but I’m not tired. I just want to laugh with you, but you’re so far away.
    I just want to sing.
    Like a free bird.
    but I can’t here
    in this dorm room.
    But I can with you.

    Who am I talking about? The best friend I love or the best friend I kissed?
    I wish I took that chance and kissed the other best friend. Why did I kiss you in the first place?

    But you, the one I should have kissed, the one I so desperately want to kiss, you are funny. You are kind. You seem hidden and I want to know more. A “relaxed athlete”, you have nothing to prove to anyone and you act on your own accord. You’re independent, like I want to be. And you’re sooo so good-looking.

    I want to know your past, we just joke about the present. Who you are and how you got there, I want to know it all. But you don’t find it pertinent to show these things but I feel like I reveal so much. I want to know you better, but I don’t think I’ll get such.

    For finding hidden facts, so unbeknownst to the top, is a special golden gift that the whore hath not. You give what you want to give and you take what is given to you. You ask no more and you share what comes up in conversation. It’s such a gift to see you excited and I love to see your face. I want to know how those lips taste.

    I wish I kissed you.

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