• I know it’s hard, but…

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    I don’t understand why you even still like me.

    You knew from day one there was no chance between us,
    I’ve never led you to believe there was ever a chance,
    I have a boyfriend,
    You have a girlfriend,
    You annoy me so much I sometimes snap,
    So why would even like me?
    There is nothing here that should lead you to a point where you act the way you do around me.

    I talk about being with my boyfriend, or about him in general at lunch and everyone can see and tells me of how pained you look when I speak of it.
    Before he and I started dating, you always know I had a huge thing for him.
    You always knew I wasn’t going to go for anyone else

    Then you stare at my lips, make comments on them.
    You always want to hug me,
    A hug in which you pick me up.
    You know I love those so you make note to give them to me everyday.
    And while you hug other girls,
    They’re all girls you had things for,
    So you like multiple girls but it’s obvious to them and me you like me the most.
    And anything you say to anyone, you always make a note to MAKE SURE I heard what you said, even if I had been standing right next to you, clearly hearing everything.

    Always persistent for my attention,
    Either talks too much about your girlfriend or not at all,
    Always trying for my affections,
    Always trying to peak all of my interests,
    Always bugging me,
    Always changing the subject when I bring you-know-who up.
    Always, always, always.
    Making it obvious.
    You like me.
    I get it.
    I know it’s hard to let someone go,
    Especially since you get VERY attached to girls,
    But seriously,
    We never even had anything close to a chance.
    You have a damn girlfriend! Focus your energy on her, not me.
    Or any other girl you seem to kind of like.
    I bet if a guy treated your girlfriend the way you treat me, you’d get very jealous and upset.
    Mine isn’t bothered too much because he knows I’d never give you the chance.

    Just…try to let me go.
    It was never worth it.

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