• Hunger.

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    I’m 5 feet tall. Just turned 16.
    I went from 103 because I couldn’t eat from being heartbroken for a few days. But that fixed itself.
    Finally started eating much more got to 105.
    Suddenly I’m almost 110 and I can see the added weight in my stomach. Actually I can see it everywhere except my arms and shoulders.
    Every where else looks chubbier.
    I hate that.
    I hate it because it’s not bad. At all.
    But I’m so used to my stomach never touching my baggy shirts and now it does.
    I’m so used to my legs looking not too skinny but not fat at all.
    So used to my thighs actually looking normal. Not huge.
    Sad thing is, I know I’m not even close to fat. And yet I feel that way because I look slightly better. I need to work it off. I need to stop eating junk…
    I don’t even feel hungry, honestly, and I’ve barely eaten all day! …And I WANT to make some sort of dinners, but my mind is telling me not to.
    It’ll make me gain more. And that 10:13 is too late. I need to get my homework done…and be sure not to eat till lunch tomorrow.


    I’ve always loved myself; my body.
    And I still do but…I don’t. I loved my body at it’s solid 105. Had a little tummy chub but it was perfect. Now I have 3-4 more pounds and I absolutely hate it.
    Why do I have to be this way?
    How do I stop?

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