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    That very day 5 years ago you invited me over for dinner. I being in a broken relationship really did not want to. My brother insisted. So I agreed. I was not looking for a new relationship or a friendship at that. I was in total devastation. To this day I am still quite surprised at all that has taken place. More like in total thankfulness. When I first arrived at your apartment I was dazed and confused. Just wanting to make my brother happy. I sat in my car for quite awhile wiping the tears from my face. When I walked up the stairs it was the scariest thing to me. I knocked on the door. When you answered it it was I knew you from somewhere. I felt like I was in the safest place I could Be. We went straight to the kitchen and sat. I looked at you a bit puzzled. I couldn’t understand why you were so nice. I hadn’t been around such a nice man in quite awhile. Your smile killed me. I thought OK I can give this a try. I watched you move about the kitchen carrying on and talking. I listen even though in the back of my mind I was deeply hurting. Then when you reach over under the counter I had to take a double look. To this day I carry that innocent vision of you. That very first time that the Heavens spoke to me and said this one is a keeper. He will become one of your best est friends. The rest will fall into place. So now 5 years from then We are the best est friends that can be. I wouldn’t change a thing. I Love YOU.

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