• To the one I could never call mine.

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    This time last year things were exactly the same as it is now; us not talking.

    That was the first time we stopped talking for 8 months. I told myself I never want to go through that living hell again.

    Yet here we are.

    I never wanted anything more than your heart. We were always the best of friends until you told me you loved me. That was by far the cruelest thing you could have done to me, my dearest boy. I guess we always had a thing for each other all these years. So when I fell, I naturally fell so damn hard.

    It hurt when your efforts started to become lesser and lesser. The disappointment was akin to being stabbed by a million pieces of shattered glass and I faced it every single day.

    When you forgot about my birthday as I had predicted, I knew that was it. Mom was right. Everyone was right about this, but I just wouldn’t let my heart believe that something that felt so divine could be wrong. I was obviously the one who took this more seriously than I should.

    October, we stopped talking again. I wasn’t the least bit surprised. I just hope this would be the last time and we would never be around each other again because we are obviously wrong for each other.

    I wish I could say I hope you are happy. Cause I really don’t. I just wish you would look back one day and see how you let down the one soulmate who had given her all and more just to be deserving of you. I hope you grieve, as much as I love you.

    Right now, I’m all healed. And I’m writing this cause I do not believe you deserve an actual handwritten christmas card that I almost sent out.

    I hope we never talk or meet again.


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