• The guy from college

    by  • December 4, 2012 • * Safe for Work *, Lost Love • 0 Comments

    So there is this guy from college that i have a crush on him .. i see him every day .. we never ever talk, i don’t even know his name, but i just keep staring at him, every little detail..
    his eye brows, his lips, beard, that sharp nose, his jeans color and how his clothes fits him so well.. his hands!, i wanna eat him ..
    i know that you can’t fall for someone you don’t even know him.. that’s so not me but this time i don’t know i really really like him ..
    every time we make eye contact i just can’t help myself but cry immediately .. i don’t know why but god his face, i can’t stand it ..
    my stomach hurts and i feel like my heart is falling from my chest ..
    i don’t know what to do .. should i go and try to get to know him?
    how does he see me?
    does he think that um a weirdo who stares at him all the time?
    i don’t know 🙁
    um afraid that um gonna sound so stupid and i think that he already knows that i like him ..
    God, help me

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